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Rest in peace, Bram.

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hey, to that one individual that asked me about the conduit instance, no. i find that funny as hell, so why would i stop

I'm DevHONK, a free software nerd, and a selfhosting nerd(This website is being handled solely by a Raspberry Pi 4B!).

I love programming(mostly low-level stuff, not web and JS), sometimes math, sometimes science.

I use vim for writing content, LaTeX for professional documents, Arch as my main OS(tryna using OpenBSD more often, also, I still can't use something like Parabola because my wireless chip has some blobs I still don't know how to reverse engineer.)

You can contact me using these services:

gib me mony or else you will suffer consequences: 45ebcrLLpYRSyFCTsfCdFTS3zC4RSJpSNcJn4yLAWEacFs6eMGdv9dpiCGQo9qr9Ex4eHosSzQzQbNX7xbrxzxDdSbSQPv8